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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Seriously...It's November 3rd

"Will you marry me?" Yeah, that's what I should have said. But my brain had other plans and it told my mouth to say, "Your ice cream is dripping." I recover and finally ask, "Will you marry me?" And she says yes! So she turns around and sees the family. Everyone is there. She is so surprised. I am so happy. Best day ever. Now what?

You plan a wedding, that's what. At first we were going to wait for a year or so, but then we decided that it would be best if we had it sooner. You never realize all that goes into planning a wedding, until you bump up the date. We had our date now, November 3rd, 2007. Luckily, we had the wedding planners 'Forever Begins Today' by The Sisters taking care of our wedding. The Morgs mom and aunts took care of just about all the planning. Simply amazing. Then everyone else took another part of the wedding and before we knew it, we had everything covered. Family friends took care of the cost to rent The Women's Hall, Uncle and Aunt took care of buying the alcohol (That gift kept on giving, we had tons of alcohol left over!), Uncle and Aunt took care of the Rehearsal Dinner and people just kept on helping out. We were blessed. So many people were involved in this wedding. It was amazing.

So the wedding is on track. A few bumps along the way but it's getting closer and closer to The Day. Time seemed to fly by. I really don't remember much that went on. It seemed like forever until the wedding and then all of a sudden, it's showtime. Where did time go? What happened? I remember trying to find a place, what to wear and all of that, but seriously, it flew by. I really should have taken more time to realize what a great time it was.

July, August, September, October, November (a little cool fact, those months also spell my name, J-A-S-O-N). Our engagement lasted through my name. Time flies. What day is it actually now? It's November 3rd. Seriously?

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