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Thursday, September 10, 2009

And we didn't even get our money back...

I sure do remember our second night as a married couple in Long Beach. I will never forget it.

Catalina Island. Beautiful place. Getting there is the problem. Why does it have to be an island? That means you have to catch the ferry. Well, we didn't. We got to see it leave though. No problem though, we are in love now, nothing can stand in our way.

I wanted to just head home for the night but Morgan wanted to stay and catch the earliest ferry. We are newlyweds in love so nothing can break our spirits right now, let's stay. We drive around a bit and try to find a place to stay for the night. Circle after circle and driving through the Port of Long Beach at night (very cool at night by the way), we decide to just stay close to the Catalina Express dock. About $100 a night for a motel. I know what that means. Morgan doesn't. And if you don't know, it means, you get a bed, sort of. Fine with me. Morgan is a bit uneasy.

So we get some dinner right across from our motel. Nice little Mexican place. Alright, time to get some sleep. Back in the motel room, we pull back the blanket on our bed. Nasty. Not that bad, but it's bad. So I go down and ask for some new sheets. The guy looks at me like I am crazy. I look at him like I will go crazy if you don't give me some new sheets. I win. We put on the new sheets and sleep in our clothes. Not starting off good. It's just tonight, tomorrow will be better. Well, tomorrow isn't coming soon enough. Can't go to sleep. Morgan somehow falls asleep. I gotta sleep. Finally. Catchin' some Z's.

WHAT WAS THAT!?!? I heard someone. I yell, "Who's there???" I see someone walking in front of our door. A shadow is now cast all across our floor. Hell no. Not in my house. Someone is about to meet their maker. I fly out of bed and head for our bedroom door. I am on a war path and someone is about to die for breaking into our house. Morgan screams! I wake up...again. This isn't our place. Where am I? Motel. That's right. That shadow and voice was just someone walking and talking down the hall to their room. I was asleep and woke up to voices in the hallway. I thought we were at home. I was in full on protect my wife mode. Had no idea where I was til Morgan screamed and really woke me up.

Let's go home. We pack up our stuff in the middle of the night, well, morning now, and head back to Bakersfield. I don't think either one of us said anything the way back home. What a night. And we didn't even get our money back.


  1. I always found it funny how love makes things that would normally break you seem not too bad, even bearable. And I love the whole "protect my wife mode", you should copyright that!

  2. I love to read the way you see things baby.
    Makes me smile.

  3. Greetings from Cape Town.
    This post made me laugh.