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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Forever Begins Today...

November 3rd is now today and I am about to get married. But first, we need ice. Of all things to forget. Ice. Luckily, a had a few friends run to every gas station downtown and buy all the ice they could. I think we are ready. Well, gotta be ready. People are showing up now.

So at first it's just family and friends setting up the place then I blink, and now I am standing with Pastor Dennie watching my future father-in-law walk my wife-to-be down the aisle. She is immaculate. I cannot believe I get to see that face every time I wake, every time I get home from work, every time and for all of time. Then she gets closer and closer. Her father hands her off to me. She is now in my hands...take great care. It's just her and I alone, in this 300 plus packed hall. Her presence is overwhelming. Let's start forever.

"I do." "I do." I know it may sound strange, but that's what I remember. We both said 'I do.' I was so nervous. I wanted everything to be done and over with, so I can't recall much more than Morgan. She just floated on down the aisle and we were joined together in holy matrimony. Forever begins today.

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