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Friday, September 4, 2009

I won't date a guy that she says.

Ever been MySpace stalked?  I have.  And I married her.  Crazy huh?  Well, it's not quite that bad.  

So the new girl forgets my name...seconds after telling her.  Horrible.  So she did what any girl would do after meeting a guy, finds out my name and immediately gets on MySpace and finds out whatever she could about me.  And then I get the friend request.  Oh yeah!  Might have forgot my name but at least she didn't forget me.

We worked together for a while.  I would come down to the first floor and get some food, they always have food in Building Inspection, and give an occasional "Hi" to that cute new girl.  Then she got sent up to work on the fifth floor, my floor.  She denies it, but she would take the long way to the copier and just so happens that my desk is in that path.  Oh yeah!  Things are going well.  Still didn't like her, I was too busy and again, I didn't want a real girlfriend.  I would smile as she went by and then I would try to time going the printer just perfectly so that when she would come back around the corner I would be walking back to my desk and BAM!!!  We would accidentally bump into each other.  Good times.  Well, this flirting went on for a few months and then I started really liking her.  I thought about it and realized "I could be with this girl for a while.  She is a good girl."  So after talking and such for a while, I try to get a reading on how much she likes me.  And I think she really does like me.....strangely.  But then the absolute worst thing I could have ever of heard...I would have taken "I have a kid," over what I was about to hear.  So she says,
"I won't date a guy that smokes."

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